Chivalry: Medieval Warfare E-Sport League Open!

  • We would like to announce that our website for the e-sport is being launched tonight. We want to welcome everyone to our tournament and will enjoy spending the time in delivering a great experience to this community. Here is our website. Tournaments, divisions, matches, ect… are all posted on there. Register yourself and your clan. Thank you all for participating. To arms and have fun!

    Right now there are two tournaments teams are able to sign up for. The NA Primitus 5v5 tournament, and the NA 10v10 TeamObjective championships. EU tournaments will be arriving soon as well! Sign up and prepare to win glory, prestige, and some prizes!

  • Vanquish is registered.

  • As are the Playground Players. Although I may need to register further teams, we are getting pretty damn big.

  • Team SlyGoat is registered and consists of one member. :D

  • Developer

    Team Torn Banner is in!
    Looking forward to playing.

  • We await the EU tournament.

  • @Martin:

    We await the EU tournament.

    We have 5v5 EU tournament scheduled.


    Sharpen your swords! Gird thy loins! Get registered! KILL THEM ALL!!!

    See you on the battlefield gentlemen. (and ladies!)

  • On the 1v1 until I can get more members for the others.

  • Team ßCE will be there… to rock.

  • Thru the Eyes of a Killer. We are in to smash your heads off

  • Does this league have any rules on perspective use, either third or first?

  • It will be limited to first person

  • It should say locked to first person in the rules to keep the level of confusion down.

  • and EU?

  • Rules updated. First person perspective limitation add.

    EU tournaments will be held very soon.

  • any chance for SEA tourneys?

  • As the e-sport grows in popularity then certainly. If you want to discuss it further on how you can help with the possibility, PM me

  • Hey guys I’m here to promote the allowance of Third Person in the League matches! I’m going to give the most compelling argument possible!

    First off Chivalry is a game that is very specifically First and Third person competitive multiplayer. The developers chose to make it both to accommodate a various amount of play styles and personal preferences, and to not allow third person in league matches is taking away from the personal enjoyment of each individuals game play style and choice while playing competitively. Limiting Chivalry just because you don’t want to let someone play the way they want to is absurd. Some of you might be thinking well using third person is almost like cheating… Such as giving the player the ability to see around corners. Well guess what! This isn’t a stealth based assassin game! My clan plans to be a very active part in the competitive side of Chivalry, and i have multiple very skilled members that “ONLY” play third person. So why ruin it for those people? Just let them play the way they want to, and the rest of you can play the way you want. I can guarantee it will “NOT” affect the end outcome of “ANY” clan matches whatsoever.

    To everyone who agrees, please back me up so we can get this Bullshit First Person only rule the Hell out of here!

  • Being able to see around objects actually really does add benefit in this game. You are able to hide behind buildings, battlements, or hills even and have the ability to spot enemies movements and find archer positions without ever having to expose yourself to the enemy.

    Third person also enables you to see enemies around you much earlier than in first person. You can see someone coming up from your side or back and allow you to respond to those threats much easier than if you were in first person. I feel third person completely removes the combat immersion factor of the game and should not be allowed.

    This video highlights some of the cheap and ridiculous fighting tactics that can easily be used to the advantage of someone fighting in third person. … 9xlaISxn6Y

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