Does a PS3 controller work with Chivalry

  • This is the first PC game I’ve tried and I’m struggling to stay alive long enough to get better at it. I thought it might be an idea to link a PS3 controller to the PC, as apparently this works on some games. Hence, I’m wondering if anyone has tried it with chivalry?

    If anyone has got it to work properly please let me know and I’ll buy the dongle.

  • I have tried it and it does work, you need to install MotionInJoy and set it up to simulate an Xbox 360 controller (as you would for most PC games). It doesn’t play too bad, but mouse and keyboard is definitely better competitively.

    You don’t need a dongle, you can just plug in your PS3 controllers recharge cable into your PC’s USB slot and it should work.

  • reginhard I would take the time to learn mouse and keyboard. You won’t regret it.
    Take the training wheels off. Dependency on console controllers is a bad thing in the long run.

  • If your down with some practice duel TC, i would gladly show you a tips or two if your aviable sometime to play in a desert server. :)

  • You are right, in the long run practice is required on the keyboard and mouse. Just can’t seem to keep the mouse grounded! Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

    In the meantime, I don’t want to give up on getting the PS3 controller to work, I’ve got the right driver software installed, it tests ok but does nothing in the game. I’ve just set it up as “Xbox 360 Controller Emulator” it tests ok so I’ll give that a go. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Any help with practice and tips would be most appreciated, I play (badly) as Kempa.

  • Badger

    That does work thank you, it would be nice to be able to “crouch” but I’m sure I can work that out.

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