Controller Support

  • Their might be already but I was just thinking it would be cool if there was controller support. I know some may get angry since this is a PC-only game and I remember trying to ask on a youtube video (offical channel) and got called an idiot.

    But I wanted to ask here if there will be controller support.

  • Shouldn’t be a problem, if the controls are mapped correctly.

  • I’d like to see anyone even try to play such fast paced melee combat with a controller.

    Jokes aside you will get so horribly raped by standard mouse playing people that you will switch back.

  • Duss makes a valid point, Mouse and Keybaord facilitates far faster reactions and variety of movement than a standard controller. Although it would in fact be very easy to set up a controller to work, as with the right controller software you can set them up to run on just about anything, you will still most likely be found wanting on the battlefield, then found dead shortly afterwards.

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