Very often can't connect to a server

  • Guys, this game is great!

    But WTF is with simple things in MULTIPLAYER GAME ???

    I try to connect to a server, it says “Wait while game is loading” and stuck.

    Where is “Cancel” button ??? To cancel this need I kill the process.
    Where is progress bar or simple messages “conected to server” “loading level”.

    Sometimes server list is empty and “Refresh” does nothing.

    Hope you make patch for this.

  • Again can’t connect to any server in server list.
    Here is logs:

    [0021.88] Log: GFullScreen End Movie – 1
    [0029.23] Log: Found duplicate server in search results (index ‘156’ address ‘’), returning
    [0047.80] Init: WinSock: Socket queue 32768 / 32768
    [0047.99] NetComeGo: Close IpNetDriverSteamworks_0 IpNetConnectionSteamworks_0 10/27/12 21:54:41
    [0048.01] Init: WinSock: Socket queue 32768 / 32768
    [0050.84] Exit: IpNetDriverSteamworks_0 shut down
    [0083.23] NetComeGo: Close IpNetDriverSteamworks_1 IpNetConnectionSteamworks_1 10/27/12 21:55:16
    [0083.24] Log: GFullScreen End Movie – 1
    [0083.24] Log: Pending connect to ‘steam.90085453424375808/AOC-UDKFrontEndMap?Name=Player?Team=255’ failed; Your connection to the host has been lost.
    [0107.70] Log: Closing by request
    [0107.70] Log: appRequestExit(0)
    [0107.74] Exit: IpNetDriverSteamworks_1 shut down
    [0107.86] Exit: Preparing to exit.
    [0108.04] Exit: Game engine shut down

    Can you help ?

  • Are your ports forwarded properly? … -GLVN-8711

    If you putting yourself in the DMZ of your router or bypassing your router entirely does that work?

  • Well, seeing as I was perfectly able to play I doubt it has anything to do with ports. Also didn’t make any network changes.

    Training or create a game also freeze up immediately upon selecting
    (posted log in another thread with the same issue)

  • Thanks for replying !

    The problem is not persisted,
    40 min later after this post I successfully connected to a server.
    Just wanted to know - was it Steam’s problem ?
    The game’s answer is very simple - “lost connection” )

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