Crouching to improve accuracy?

  • I’m very puzzled by the mechanic of crouching to improve accuracy with bows. Is this a leftover mechanic from a gun FPS? I don’t even think you could draw a bow while crouched. How about a mechanic to hold your breath and steady your aim instead? Or I think even nothing would be better than shooting a longbow while crouched.

  • yea that was the big talk during beta.
    As u can see it won

  • I don’t think there’s currently any accuracy lost while standing still as opposed to crouching, the crosshairs are just misleading.

  • Well if there isn’t any real difference in accuracy…like the guy above me said, the crosshairs become “misleading” but wouldn’t you think it helps? I think having to crouch to engage it is the wrong way to implement that as well but maybe zooming should just give the effect of a smaller crosshair so you know more accurately where the shots placed like when you’re crouching.

  • You cant crouch shooting a longbow…or at least it should be like that 8-)

    I only use crouching for peep-up shoot…down reload :D

    But i allso use crouch on all char´s when hiding from arrows behind the ram (Objective).

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