Improve weapon mechanics…

  • There are quite a few things that need working on with the weapons…

    A 1H weapon against a 2H sword/axe/poleaxe over head strike should not be able to block without a lot of stamina being drained or a small amount of damage being done if there’s not enough stamina. Nor should they IMMEDIATELY be able to retaliate from a block from one, but they can seemingly unphased.

    I’m constantly losing battles because my hits are not cancelling theirs when I hit them (I think that’s how it works from what I’ve seen). EDIT: I was wrong, you only cancel hits on the opponents wind up.

    The depth perception in this game is horrid. I’ve seen my blade go through multiple enemies with no hits. Yet I seem to get hit by the same weapon from a distance I just missed at.

    Fighting up against a wall with a 2H is impossible because your wind up to swing will hit the wall behind you stopping the entire thing from working. Of course you should not use a 2H in CQ but this is different.

    Stabs should be able to damage along the WHOLE thrust not just at the end of it.

    2H need better blocking area considering their size. Not a huge increase by any means though.

    I’ve gotten 2 shotted multiple times from a 1H from an enemy I’ve already hit more than twice with a 2H - just doesn’t seem right…

    Zweihander works worse for me personally than the default 2H - dunno if that’s just me or what though…I cannot get a damn kill with that weapon compared to other 2H. It seems to be a distance thing.

    Certain swings from a 2H should cause a block to destabilize the enemy more so than a different swing. As stated above - a blocked over head swing should cause much more lag between trying to retaliate than say a parried stab.

    Blocking in general could last a second longer. The lag for blocking a hit could also last a second longer. Retaliating from a hard blow is way too easy in this game.

    I know this is mostly about 2H but that’s just what I use the most. I’m not trying to bash 1H. I’ll see how using 1H goes for a little and post my thoughts.

    Sorry if yall hate these ideas :O

    This is just what has bugged me personally.

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