1v1 Duel Game Mode Suggestion

  • These have already been popping up in servers. But there’s no actual game mode.

    My suggestion for the game mode is this:

    You have 16 players max.

    Only 2 players spawn initially and everyone else is in spectator mode.

    Those 2 players duke it out till 1 dies where then the next player in “line” will spawn and then fight the surviving member. Rinse and repeat till everyone has gone.

    Whoever has the most kills before their reign ends wins!

    The game mode is only for people who like this stuff and have patience so I don’t see any harm in adding it. My post on steam about it got good feedback too.

  • Sounds interesting… almost like a sparring practice mixed with a tournament

  • They have confirmed they’re working on a 1vs1 dedicated game mode.

  • Awesome. Any details?

  • OR….

    16 people, split into pairs, fight in medium sized rooms. The winner of each duel advances through a door to the next room/challenger. There would need to be some checks to deal with AFKers. Ultimately, it would be a series of 1v1’s that leads up to a final duel where everyone would be watching.


    16 people with only two spawning at the start. If you win a duel, you would get put back in one of two queues. If you die, you go into permanent spectating until the round is over (like LTS). I suggest we do it this way, if there are only 2 fighting at a time. That way the same guy doesn’t get to fight over and over through a wave of players.


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