Modding Support

  • Going on this wonderful forum section I was wondering in what way would you chaps help support modding? Was just wondering as previous modders yourself would you have anything up your sleeve, such as Mount & Blade style module loader etc. Good luck with the hardwork chaps and I truly can’t wait to delve into Age of Chivalry once more.

    PS. I will refuse to call it Medieval Warfare it shall always be AoC or Chiv in my heart.

  • Developer

    Chiv is a good shortform, thanks for the kind words. We plan on supporting modding by releasing a development kit allowing you to use our assets to create your own levels with our objective system and art. We’re also making many of the assets modular so that you guys can snap together custom castle layouts with ease and a few other things to try and make it easier for modders to work with our assets.

    We’d love to be able to do contests and community events in the future though its not something we’ve put a ton of planning into just yet. We could also consider expanding support for mods based on the amount of interest we get from the community itself closer to and following release.

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