Some small suggestions.

  • Arrow Wounding/Projectile Clipping: As of now there are occasions where arrows, bolts and javelins will appear to float over/to the side of the opponent instead of having any actual wounding to them (arrows should stay in the model, as should Jav’s)

    Sound suggestion for decapitations/head destruction: All sound clips from the person who has just had their head smashed into pieces or had their head cut off shouldn’t proceed to groan/moan after death, as of now the sound clips still play when there is no head which is quite…freaky.

  • well … pretty sure that its only a matter of weeks/months before they fix this kind of “glitches” …
    lol theyve played this game more than both of us combined so its 100% certain that they are aware of this “bug” … but i think they have more important stuffs to fix for the moment , this is just esthetic and can wait a little longer … i say its 99.9% sure that theyll resolve this soon…

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