Catapult issue

  • Sometimes when using the catapult (I notice this a lot on Stonehill for sure), if you leave the catapult during the winding back of a shot, your model will get frozen and you can’t attack, sprint, or switch weapons but you can walk and jump. Your model’s weapon and hands will not move, frozen in place. Other times you can move and attack, but your weapons will go right through people doing nothing. This is usually remedied by switching weapons and then switching back. It’s very frustrating.

  • Rather than making a new thread, I will also bring up how it shows TK’s. When I am on mason, it always shows that I am on agatha in the kill feed. I have been kicked quite a few times from this, by people who are too ignorant to read the chat.

  • Seems to happen more often if you enter the catapult while you’re in the middle of swinging your weapon.

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