Computer Graphics Card - Nvidia

  • Hello I have downloaded this game and then I found out that my Graphics card (Nvidia) Is not compatible. Is there a way I can move this game to a different computer? Thanks for your time -atdtdog42399

  • It’s linked on to your Steam account. Anywhere you log on to your steam account, regardless if it’s a different computer, you’ll have all the games you purchased available for you to download/install and play. If you don’t want to have to download the game again, go to your current computer’s Steam install folder. Then from there go to steamapps, common, and copy Chivalry folder you see there and back it up to a usb flash drive or any other way you can. Then move that folder to the other computer and put it in the same location you took it from (Steam>steamapps>common>Chivalry) and then try to install the game from Steam on the new computer, and it’ll detect the files are already there and go thru a much shorter process to get the game ready to play.

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