Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  • [Imagination of medieval officer dude standing in front of army making an epic speech to army goes here]

    I think that Medieval Warfare sounds too much like Modern Warfare. This is blasphemy to the throne! Never shall Chiv fall down to the level of flashy bling but no core to sustain it, NEVER!

    WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!
    [/epic speech]

  • I voted no.

    Because if Chiv becomes COD it’ll inflict mass suicide of old AOC players.

    Dont really care what’s it called as long its gud.


  • Dragonfury, the zeal with which you hate CoD is starting to scare me :(. That said, I don’t really care all that much about the game’s name. Medieval Warfare is fine, although I think Medieval Combat would sound better. Not a big deal though. I voted random button, since apparently, you placed it there for me. That’s what the button told me.

  • When it comes to reaching for a new audience, Medieval Warfare is self explanatory, much more so than Battle for Agatha.


    anyway what are we debating the name or how it’s going to slap CoD’s face with a tempered-steel gauntlet?

  • @Campin:

    anyway what are we debating the name or how it’s going to slap CoD’s face with a tempered-steel gauntlet?

    Pick one you like :>

    Thread is only half-serious.

    Narrator, well, it’s the prime example of milking a franchise and milking players for money.
    Got a problem with the gameplay (Numerous problems, such as grenade launchers etc)? We’ll try to fix it next game, that’ll be $60 please (instead of just patching it)

    With black ops, they tried to fix the sniper rifle’s power, and I remember reading something in the trend of “We’re not going to change the length of the actual scoping animation, as that would take too much work”

    I only play FFA when I play CoD since any objective/TDM game is full of campers and people who abuse certain weaponry to their advantage (camp close quarters with shotguns, etc).

    And so ooooon. Basically every CoD game from CoD4 onwards is the same game with a reskin, minor attempts at bugfixing, for $60. The map packs also show their intention: $15 for 2 reused maps and 3 new maps.

    I don’t even know why people keep giving them money for re-releasing crap when you can get loads of better shooters for half the price.

    I could go more in-depth about how the combat system sucks and basically encourages camping, but I’ll spare your eyes for now.

  • I actually mostly agree with you, I just couldn’t help but notice how often you bring it up ;). I only played CoD 4 for about a week, when I played it on LAN. I didn’t really hate the game in itself, I guess works fairly well for what it’s trying to be, and I could somewhat enjoy the game (mainly because running around spraying an SMG worked perfectly for me, so far for realism). But I also can’t see why it’s so immensely popular. It’s just utterly generic and mediocre, it doesn’t bring anything new as far as I can see. I’d never pay money to play such a game.

    I wouldn’t call CoD a flat-out bad game. But I get where the hate is coming from. The fact that it’s so popular despite its mediocrity and the fact that it seems to become the model for modern shooters are indeed quite rage-inducing. And what makes it worse is that it seems that the developers have no integrity or vision whatsoever, they don’t even bother to camouflage the fact that they are releasing what would be the equivalent of an expansion pack for another game, as a full-priced game.

    That said, I’m not going to hate CoD for it. I can’t blame people for liking a game I don’t like, and I can’t blame the developers for wanting to make some easy money. I would find it a shame if the CoD-series keeps the developers from making something more creative, but somehow I doubt they’d suddenly come up with something brilliant if they would finally attempt something new.

  • @TheNarrator:

    I just couldn’t help but notice how often you bring it up

    I want to drill this bad example into the developer’s heads. More times = better. I have high expectations of Chiv

  • I like the name. It’s a tongue-in-cheek jab at Modern Warfare as I see it.

  • Medieval warfare does sound like modern warfare indeed…

    But it doesnt really matter, cause we will call this game chivalry anyway :P

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