What is the optimal 64 player settings?

  • When the players hit 56-64, the pings drastically explode. The server’s Internet connection is far from being capped (125 Megabytes per second). As well as the CPU is only taking 12-15% of the cpu (2 Quad Core CPu’s).

    So it doesn’t seem to be my server’s setup whatsoever which is leading to the huge ping spike, What is the most optimal settings for the server to handle this many players?

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  • Every 64p server is unplayable so i dont think there is “optimal settings”, it looks like the game just cant handle that many players :(

  • Yeah, I set my server to 48 players, that seems to be the max it can handle.

  • The problem is with the game engine itself. It really wasnt meant to go beyond 32 players.

  • @Raquel:

    Every 64p server is unplayable so i dont think there is “optimal settings”, it looks like the game just cant handle that many players :(

    This is not true. My 64 player server has been very playable. Sure there are alot who complain about lag and fps, but then there are people who say they have no problems. 64 players does require a decent gaming PC and a good internet connection close to the server location. The maptype also contibutes alot to the ping amounts. Something like Last Team Standing has much lower ping numbers than the objective based maps. With LTS the server quality also increases alot when there are fewer players alive in the round.

    edit: bluefang solutions also has a public 64 player server. I can’t personally say how playable it is since It’s in the US and I’m from Europe, but when I visited it there were people there who had less than 100 ping and the server was at full capacity with an objective maptype.

    AS for optimizing the server there are some tricks that might help. When I have hyperthreading on my windows task manager says the server is using about 10% of my cpu. With hyperthreading turned off it goes up to 20%. It’s hard to say, but I get the feeling the server is slightly faster when I turn off hyperthreading. There are also a few seting you could ennable in the ini files that might help reduce lag. There is a tread about these commands somewhere here.

    Give it some time. I’m sure overtime we can figure out what are the best settings for a 64 player server.

  • Here is a few screenshots of the playerlist from my server when there are alot of players. Lots of people with good latency. With 64 players it’s not plausible atm to get pings under 50. However I don’t really see a difference when I play with 50+ players and a 50-90 ping and when I play with less than 20 players and 0-30 ping.

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27709072/CMW/2 … _00008.jpg
    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27709072/CMW/2 … _00021.jpg

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