Mortally-Wounded Death Animations

  • **If a developer just so happens to read this, I apologize for the length. I assure you that the subject matter is worth it though!

    In lieu of Chivalry’s release I’ve found the game fantastically fun and with a myriad of attractive and entertaining features. As is, a few bugs and minor imbalances aside, I definitely feel this game is something that will go strong for a long time to come (something most games cannot claim).

    When I read that the developers were going for the feel of true blade-to-blade, axe-to-axe combat, and that they wanted to mirror the glory that was movies like Troy, Braveheart, Kingdom of Heaven, and so on, there was only one thing I really felt missing from the release of this game.

    On many a battlefield since the start of history, death and gore have been familiar things to mankind, and has always been with us since. Thankfully in our day-in-age movies are what show us this, rather than personal experience (save for our modern day patriots, of course). The image that struck me most in the great war movies I’ve seen was not only the carnage during the battle, but the overwelming amount of horror displayed after. In medieval war, oftentimes the felling blow was not the killing blow; at least not immediately.

    I feel it would be both an interesting and immersive addition to the game if this was reflected in the death animations of Mason and Agatha soldiers. Similar to when a soldier flails around when dying from burning in Chivalry, why not do the same thing for a man slew across the chest with a sword? Seeing the writhing bodies of the recently fallen, yet not deceased soldiers around you, clutching their chests, legs, arms, or heads, would be both fantastically brutal and only serve to make the combat feel all the more vicious. Although I have no experience with game programming or anything of the kind, I imagine the gurus that crafted a game as fine as this could make such a thing possible.

    Clearly it would be implied that a player would not have to sit there and do nothing while their character writhed around; when you respawn, it might even be funny to run past your recently felled but still groaning, writhing body. Imagine how fun it would be to, when after dropping your opponent with a Mason Knight’s Grand Maul, dealing that final blow down onto your helpless enemy, as to allow them to finally go limp. Bragging rights, and fits into the game!

    Would be awesome, amirite? Would probably work well too, since we’ll soon have a slider to determine how long corpses will stick around.**

  • It’d be a neat feature. Just have to consider if it’d cost performance with more on the screen.

  • that sounds awesome. Adds to the immersion of the game. and well hey even if you run past your body the way i see this game is you respawn as another unit that is being sent into that battlefield.kinda like if the spawns is where the army is just training in from.

  • In regard to system performance I don’t think it’d really matter. If someone felt it effected their computer much, or at all, they could just turn down the persistence time of corpses under their settings.

  • I feel that the game should pay more attention to the state your enemy is in while he dies. For example- a vanguard charges at you, you manage to get to his side and chop his arm off. The animation is pretty good, but in this case it looks very unnatural. The man was just running at full speed, trying to hit you. Now he came to a full stop to try and grab his not-there-anymore arm. In this case I think the arm should just go off, the enemy should ragdoll to the ground (conserving the momentum) and then, while on the ground, do some additional movements (chopping off an arm doesn’t kill instantly, which we all know). This should be an optional feature, and I guess the whole concept, if the devs would like to implement it, would be a plan for the future rather than the sooner updates.

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