Teamplay and new class idea

  • I feel like what this game really needs is class cohesion, all you have to work with is firebombs and smoke bombs for that. So my idea is to put in a new class that focuses on support. First, get rid of those stupid ammo boxes. They aren’t a very good mechanic. They can be used by only one player every 10 seconds and can let you essentially have double ammo for throwing axes and bombs if you camp around it, it’s really hard to tell if the ammo inside them is “respawning” or not. The ammo box is the special slot item for the support class. When laid down it lets a certain number of pick-ups until it disappears, cooldown of 10 seconds only for that player. You can lay these down whenever one is not up elsewhere, when a teammate is low on ammo it will show up on the map like it does with ammo chests now. The other special slot item is an offensive one, the powder bomb. It’s a small barrel grenade type item that explodes after 10 seconds, doing a lot of damage. Makes the sound of a burning fuse when you are close to it. So you have your offensive and defensive abilities, one helps your team stay around an area and the other denies access to an area for the enemy. The powder bomb is fun but the ammo box helps you too, as all of your secondary weapons require it. The first secondary you start with is the bandage crate, which is a crate that boosts the passive healing (slow healing when not in combat) of your allies around it, for a certain period of time. You only have one of these and need an ammo box to get another, only one can be placed at a time. The next one you unlock is the matchlock pistol, which is a small complicated device that needs to be aimed for 3 seconds until the fuse finishes burning and then it shoots, doing a crossbow amount of damage. The trick is while it’s deadly it doesn’t have much range and you only have one shot with it until you need to resupply, the pistol cannot be reloaded on the field and you need to replace it by using your ammo crate. You also have several barricades as a secondary. Like the pavice shield, but you have more of these. Primary weapons are a selection of the man-at-arms primaries.

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