@ 1 Handers

  • Of all weapons, these are the most broke in my opinion. The rest seem relatively fine to me. My issue with 1 handed weapons is the lack of any disadvantage besides reach which in their case isn’t bad.

    1 handed weapons are obviously faster swinging weapons. This allows them to completely negate any 2 handed attack once a blow is landed on a 2 handed wind up. From then on, it’s almost impossible fend off a 1 handed user attacker if using a 2 handed weapon.

    Even after being kicked and parried, the 1 handed user can still swing away while all the 2 handed user can do is hopefully block until help arrives. Unless the 1 handed user messes up giving the defender a chance.

    Long story short - even if a 1 handed weapon attack is interrupted, they can still recover from the blow and retaliate faster than the attacker with the 2 hander can swing which again, means they can get interrupted until death.

    This becomes even more frustrating when against a war hammer wielding knight which can 2 shot anything regardless of where the blow lands. A knight can take multiple blows from any 2 handed weapon and be fine.

    I use 2 handers all the time and this happens over and over against most 1 handed wielders. Try using a war hammer and see that you two shot anything. Or use a 1 hander and get close to a 2 handed wielder and you’ll see how easy it is to kill them.

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