Interstellar Marines Kickstarter up! Early bird, 10$!

  • I’d hurry!

    I’m trusting my gamer gut and saying this will be big some day. I played the demo’s over a year ago. … s-prologue

    The Demo is great. Keep in mind the full game will not be browser based, but considering it has graphics on bar with some of the latest shooters, awesome performance, and CAN be run in a browser?

    Not to mention some of the finest shooting mechanics I’ve seen; I only wish BF3 or Natural Selection 2 had a shooting system like this, I’d play them more.

    I recommend “Running Man”

    For 10$, you get the Prologue, which isn’t bad I suppose.

    Highlights of WHY this will be so awesome:

    Diverse Combat Training: The entire game is built with a variety of fulfilling training scenarios in single-player, co-op and multiplayer.
    First Person Simulation: We have a razor-sharp focus on creating an immersive First Person Simulator via distinct graphics, sound and gameplay – no more floating cameras!
    Tactical Co-Op: Prologue is designed from the ground up to support up to 4 players in co-op, with truly cooperative interaction.
    Progressive Role-Playing: As you train your soldier you gain XP that converts into upgradeable skills on your character, weapon and equipment.
    Customizable Arsenal: With the latest in near-future weapons and equipment at your disposal, you have the option to fully customize your arsenal on the fly.
    Rich and Believable AI: In Prologue, we aim to deliver a believable AI that makes every encounter exciting.
    Simulated Training Environments: Experience an atmospheric training facility built to artificially simulate every conceivable encounter. AI SARA controls the mission variables, making sure every battle is different!

  • Example: Sprinting makes you breath heavily, which affects your aim, stamina and fogs up your helmet. Opening the helmet clears up your view and improves your aim, but removes the HUD and AI-enhanced audio. Getting shot at blurs your vision but temporarily improves your stamina, hearing and aim!

    This is what really grabbed my attention. its a whole lot of fun to experience that level of immersive combat. and in this day and age of gaming, every little detail counts towards the bigger picture.

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