Do not nerf anything. it is perfect

  • I represent the people who are not whining about the game and OP weapons.

    I represent the people who believe torn banner have made a beautiful game.

    I represent the people who cbf coming onto forums. speaking out against those QQers who rage at the might of the bardiche.

    My suggestion is… Please don’t nerf our stuff… don’t be like WoW and countless other games and submit to the ragers.

    The balance is perfect

  • Agreed.

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the halberd is too fast. ;)

  • I was going to post something like this as well. Glad someone else out there feels the same way. People who are in love with the game are busy playing it. My only complaint ever is the autobalance taking the top player. But yea. Everyone is coming on here or on the game itself just complaining on how it ‘should’ be. I wish the players who are happy with the game would speak up on the forums or else this game is gonna turn into Call of Medieval duty. Everyone just one class. one weapon, everything does the same amount of damage, lets give the players an “I HIT THAT GUY” button so the other player can just auto die after you because you CLEARLY are better than everyone and it’s impossible for you to miss. People complaining about weapons that are doing what they would do in real life. Maul/hammers - Slow but devastating. Polearms - Long range but slow drawback for next swing - Archers - Safe from the melee battle so require multiple shots to take down enemis Hold ON that’s right Archer players say they need a buff. WHAT? no why? “I cant kill anyone” You arent meant to one shot anything while you are up happy camping on a hill. When player’s health is low and are all bloodied up - THATS WHEN YOU SHOOT. not the shiny disco ball Agatha Knight that is unharmed. Every class is a different approach and when people barely try a new class and arent amazing at it. they cry for a buff wah wah i dont wanna relearn a class… People complain about other games out there being the same when it’s the player’s who bitch and moan that make these games the same. All i see in game chat is "X’ game did this better, “x” game nailed it better on this. Then go play THAT game and stfu. - Rage thread TBC. lol.

    BS aside. Torn Banner Studios thanks for an awesome game. Glad you guys take everyone’s feedback into account but just know that there are tons of players that arent complaining on balance at all and see what the classes have to offer. Please dont change it_too_ much on future updates.

  • @xFEARx:

    All i see in game chat is "X’ game did this better, “x” game nailed it better on this. Then go play THAT game and stfu.

    Why shouldn’t we complain? Obviously we want the game to be as good as it can be. I, for one love the game. I love the fighting mechanics, the graphics, the atmosphere but having played several comparable games there are certain things the other titles did better. Like customization or certain game modes for instance.

    Chivalry would simply be a better game if it added some of the good things other games offer. And I’m not talking about NOW. These are long-term wishes/suggestions. I’m more than happy if we had some of the stuff in a few years.

  • @Strudel:


    buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the halberd is too fast. ;)

    Yeah :o WTF! is it a bug…im pretty sure the stats say it´s suposed to be slow?

  • I would rather increase the damage of Crossbows in general but nothing else I deny…yet

  • I’ve put 95 hours into the game, and I’m increasingly realizing that the game is very well balanced.

  • the game IS very vell balanced. The only minor issue i see is the falchion, it consistently swings at the high dmg height (neck, head) making it a 1-2 shot weapon which i believe wasnt intended. I wouldnt nerf the damage but just change the swing animation a bit

  • worst thread I ever saw, nothing is perfect.

  • The game is fun and I am skilled enough to do decently with underpowered classes in appropriate situations therefore its not necessary to improve the game.

  • i dont belive in perfection but this game is pretty close!
    agree with the post!

    DONT CHANGE ANYTHING ! and please dont listen to the whining cod players!

    ( well … if i can complain … in my opinion , the double axe is beyond useless … no reach , very slow and takes 2-3 hits to kill another knight … the maul is superior in every aspect IMO … nobody uses the doubleaxe except for getting the second unlock )

  • This game is not a perfect balance. I have 30 hours put into it and it’s very clear what weapons need to be tweaked. When you see people consistently top the charts look at what they’re using. I can almost guaranteeing you it’s a weapon from a very select pool. You want to see the true balance of class vs. class, weapon vs. weapon? Go to a death match server, and look at how many of each class are present, whose on top, and whose on bottom.

    However I do believe the game as is, is balanced enough to play and even have a competitive bracket. That doesn’t mean certain things don’t need tweaking. You can’t compare a game as simple as this, to something like WoW which has 35 hot keys, stuns, spells, pets, buffs, debuffs, etc. Blizzard is constantly at war with their community because they fail to produce the proper balance (which will never be achieved with their system). Torn Banner however has produced a game that is as simple as swords, arrows, and shields. Balance is achievable.

    I’m not the raging type, but I do like balance. My suggestions are pretty in tune with most of the community:

    • Archers given some love (weaker shots, faster arrows, same dmg head-shot).
    • Blunt weapons toned down (longer recovery from a swing).
    • Polearms to be toned down (longer recovery parried attacks, and swings).

    Sidenote: Learn 2 Play should never be an argument with balance. Skill is a factor no developer can plan for there for the tools they provide players must be balanced without skill as apart of the equation.

  • agreed. the game seems well balanced now.

  • I think its pretty safe to say that in most cases a 5/10 skilled Vanguard with a Bardiche is going to be more useful to his team than a 5/10 skilled archer with a shortbow.

    I used to think archers just plain sucked… until I tried the warbow w/ bodkin arrows. This weapon just about quadrupled my average archer kills.

    I’m not sure though if the warbow is op or the other bows are up, or if the balance is perfect. perhaps there is some sort of benefit of the other bows that I haven’t realized.

    I think the main benefit that most would argue in the shortbows favor is its refire time, however I’d argue that this is undermined by the fact that there is a considerable amount of time you need to spend between shots aiming your next arrow.

    Here are a few suggestions to make the other bows a little more useful:
    -Make damage from bow hits stick around longer than normal so a single hit on a enemy unit will probably not be fully healed by the time they reach melee. You could make it so you only regen the hp lost from an arrow after the arrow disappears from your body. so, hitting a bunch of soldiers with 1 arrow would give your allies a bigger edge in melee.

    Add more locational damage spots to give more benefit to RoF, and shots that don’t kill a target.
    heart shots(same as head),
    nut shot( +0.75s stagger),
    hand shot (or maybe arm shot) Any or all of the following

    • (hit a shield arm and the character cannot block for 0.5 - 1.0 seconds.), after initial stagger
    • hit the sword arm and they cannot swing for a 0.5 - 1.0 seconds, after initial stagger
    • if you hit the sword arm then any attacks in progress passed the interrupt timer are either still interrupted or sent off path.
    • Leg shot/maybe only foot shot, disables sprint, or slows target for 2-4 seconds after inital stagger.

    In summation, I actually think the classes are really well balanced, however there are a few weapons which do not imo seem to have a strong enough role. Ideally I’d like some of the weapons that are less used currently to have some properties which made them exceptionally potent in the hands of
    players with the skill to take advantage of them. (maybe make faster weapons much better at parrying)

  • The balance is pretty good in the middle skill level spectrum, but on the high and low ends there are definitely some issues which can be fixed without severely changing the way the game feels for the average player.

    Right now, a fight between two highly skilled players (where nobody is exploiting…) will pretty much boil down to feinting stabs until someone guess incorrectly on what is and is not a feint and fails to block. This makes weapons with the strongest or quickest stabs superior.

    E: Oh, unless someone is using a shield. Then they just plain win unless they’re bad or really fuck up.

    On the opposite end of the skill distribution, newer players obviously have trouble with anyone spamming a long, sweeping weapon, such as the vanguard swords/polearms, the maul, the double-axe, the messer sword, etc.

    Oh, and archers… archers are a whole 'other nut to crack and I’m not going into them.

  • the games great and its good as it is but its definitely not perfect. somethings definitely HAVE to be changed, most can stay as it is.

    MAA needs buff knight is definitely OP (he absorbs more damage and has + stamina buff?)

    Double axe takes 3 hits to kill on some classes (WTF a double axe takes that many hits?) and its slow with no reach.

    theres tons more i can think of but just off the top of my head. games not perfect. but its definitely on its way.

  • I like the game the way it is but I like new things as well. I think the halberd Vanguard is overpowered. The swing is too fast for its range and damage. It was also overpowered in aoc I think so yea.

    I don’t mind them nerfing\buffing and changing things but just don’t give in to everything that everyone “whines”(even mine) because it can mess up your game. This has happened to other games.

  • even with players complaining about how Knight/vanguard top boards. atleast its two separate classes. also An archer is just not going to get as many kills as a melee player. just not gonna happen. Since i get a shit ton of assists on archers i realized that i have to really select targets. For example, should i shoot at this bright n shiny Knight or the Man at arms who is drenched in blood.also hey archer assists only help the melee team take things out. See them as a useful support. Not useless because kills arent on top for archers. And like everyone says. NO game is perfect because 100 percent of the players are not going to happy with ANY GAME EVER. No one fuckin cried out " nerf battletoads" “tetris needs more long pieces”. suck it up and play as is.

  • @Smellyhobo101:

    I’ve put 95 hours into the game, and I’m increasingly realizing that the game is very well balanced.

    70-77 hours playing &i see a very unbalanced game, let me guess u play…a Knight/Vanguard Archer mabe?

  • @xFEARx:

    nerf battletoads" “tetris needs more long pieces”

    That would change the type of gameplay and has nothing to do with balance. And why would you want to nerf how good of a game battletoads was?

    In the order of importance starting with the most important, heres the different types of imbalance in the game:
    1. Class imbalance problems (archers are underpowered)
    2. Situational imbalance (MAA is underpowered on small maps with lots of players)
    3. Weapon imbalance problems (heavy crossbow and grand mace are underpowered)
    4. Skill level based imbalance (knight is good when used by noobs, MAA is bad)

    So fix 1 first 4 last.

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