Graphical "stretching" glitch

  • set to lowest settings and its still there. playing on a laptop. it shows up more so in some maps than others. really distracting, blocks view, etc.

    radeon mobility hd 5650
    corei5 2.53

    able to run dishonored at lowest settings, for what that matters.

  • Developer

    Latest, most up-to-date drivers? That’s likely not it, but worth a shot.

    You may also want to try: Right click on the game in Steam, click Properties, click Local Files, and click Verify Integrity of the Game Cache

    Vertices are getting their coordinates messed up, causing things to be rendered with one vertex way off in the distance. That issue is usually a VRAM corruption issue. Either something wrong with the actual memory or GPU, or the GPU may be overheating. Are you able to check the temperature of your GPU while the game is going?

  • i’ve verified integrity multiple times.

    drivers are as updated as they can be (locked to a certain version b/c acer), so that could possible be an issue because it has popped up in one other game (need for speed underground: the cars had no wheels).

    as for vram issues or overheating, i can’t really check the temp. vram corruption would show up in other games, but it doesn’t. same with overheating. i mean, if i set the res and all settings to lowest possible it shouldn’t be overheating yeah?

  • As you said that it has happened in other games (NFS), it would sound like your video card is on its way out, overheated, as you said.

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