Idea stemming from Spectral Echo

  • So essentially the Spectral Echo is say, a fantasy Easter egg with abnormal amount of health.

    But that made me think, but about moving into fantasy for another game mode?

    Originally I was thinking something along the lines of perhaps using other fantasy creatures that usually “exist” in this setting such as say, Spectral Echo, or just normal walking bones.

    Maybe goblins if possible, that is generally one fantasy creature that also pops up, also Ogre but that seems it would take work.

    Basically if possible different tiers of say enemies, which would have to filled with npcs.

    Could say its a survival gametype, however perhaps shake it up, if you die you join the other side as one of the lesser weaker enemies.

    Game ends either if the warriors die, or perhaps make it an objective mode for something to reach for to survive.

    Maybe even give the additional possibility to throw in fantasy weapons that wouldn’t work in normal modes for this mode as the npcs would have larger amount of health compared to normal gameplay health.

    Perhaps unreasonable large swords, Swords of legend such as Excalibur?

    Or perhaps make a weapon yourself.

    Just an idea that popped up before bed, would anyone care for such a mode where fantasy such as Spectral Echo you could engage against with the help of fantastical weapons, or just joined such a side to face those who survive?

    But to imagine how much work it would take, though if anyone else likes it, perhaps it could have a chance eh?

    Should also state, I have not posted this to the idea’s and suggestion forum as this is stated with weary mind, this is just to see if anyone would care for it, if not then no point to try to get a mod’s attention with it.

  • Perhaps the peasants could be of some use for this one, if able make them undead, always sprinting to make them worthy of an enemy, with possibility of losing arms without dieing, or just not dieing until their head comes off.

    If a player would die, perhaps he becomes one of them, or if possible a skin of his class that has been edited to look slain, with unlimited stamina however every attack they do is slower then normal.

    Friendly fire would be on, but to prevent such a thing, have it so the TKer gets put on the other side while the TKed respawns

    Maybe with enough different enemies have them drop something related to their person you can use to make class specific fantastical weapons, at perhaps a forge located somewhere on the map?

    Throw in perhaps a hidden objective in a map able to lead you to hidden weapons.

    Many things could be added, perhaps even X out any other fantasy creatures and put in undead peasants and skeletons to ease the process for now.

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