Clarification on Vanguard/MaA/Archer run speeds

  • Does MaA run faster than Archer?
    Does vanguard run faster when he has his charge ability readied?
    Is vanguard with readied charge faster than MaA?

    I’ve been attempting a very difficult long distance jump map exploit, and although the differences are minute, a vanguard with readied charge seems to be able to jump farther than either MaA or Archer.

    Can someone quote some concrete numbers?

  • As far as I am aware MaA run 10% faster than other class’. Weather this affects jump distance I do not know.

    PS: Stop trying to exploit maps, you naughty boy :P

  • I think maa and archer run the same speed, 5% faster than van and 10% faster than knight.

    you also run faster when you’re chasing someone, who slows down as well

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