Autobalance Suggestion

  • Loved when the autobalance was added but it is a little frustrating that it auto selects the top player. Before the auto balance was in I always chose the team with the lowest to help even it out especially if i am in late. Why not have the lowest score be someone who switches over since they have invested the least amount of time into the team’s progress or were perhaps just into the match like I did. I really enjoy team objective and I usually hit the top 2 of my team, I love manipulating choke holds and taking out enemies as they train in while im alone. i do crazy strats like this on my own and with teammates. Im one of the few to always spout out things to do or what entries matter to cover as to not have anyone flank you. And when the other team is giving up towards the last two minutes i get switched over for being top player and it gets very irritating. Ever since the update I get switched by the end of each game. No joke at least 4/5 of my games i get switched.

    It’d be awesome to see autobalance take the lowest scoring players over or at least an optional switch wave first followed by a forced wave like Team Fortress 2s balance on select servers.

    Top players should not be put on losing sides after all they’ve done for the team especially a game that has very long objective modes that require ton’s of teamwork.

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