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  • Hi!

    For some time ago I i whe asking if there is some ppl here around interested about gettint a cheap premium server hosted at germanny. Well there where quite alot of ppl who did. To fill up rest of our german servers we are givin out 3 ( only 3 for now )Servers with ultimate low pricetag. Only 0.39 per slot.

    Now someone would come to me and say that you cant provide anything with that price. Well we can. Our main focus is in finnish matkets and we ae holding most of our servers at finland. That is where most of our income is coming. Plan here is basicly to keep servers filled up in germany and avoid running them empty. Our main coal is just to provide some support for this great head chopping game.

    So here is what you get!

    • Server of min 12slots max 32 (if you need more pls contact me private since then we need to discus about the price).
    • Dedicated and professional customer support.
    • gameCP with web ftp control + start stop festures = full controll of your server
    • Actual ftp connection
    • server is allowed to be public or private
    • hosted at germany so low pings for all around europe

    How to get?
    Simply register to our billing panel and buy the server via paypal from here:
    Server starts to install instantly when your payment is verified.
    If you have any questions pls do not hesitate to ask via email or here!

    And please… Chop some heads and let em roll…

    //Angellfall - dlaming.fi - sales

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