Cosmetic bloody weapon upgrade idea

  • After players earn a large amount of kills with a certain weapon, (1000? 2000?) they unlock a new cosmetic only upgrade of that weapon. This has been suggested a couple times, but I think my idea for the upgrade is unique. The upgrade would make your weapon completely drenched in blood, possibly dripping in blood, leaving a trail of blood drops on the ground and splattering blood everywhere every time you swing. The weapon would kill in more gorey ways than other weapons, possibly having a higher chance to dismember limbs on death, or dismembering all limbs like with F10 when the enemy dies. Although that might be a bit excessive. It could possibly have a completely new way to dismember players, like cutting them in half from the waist.

    Its important to know what weapon your enemy is using, but having a red weapon with blood dripping off it shouldn’t impair your ability to do so.

  • For the sake of authenticity I would have say no to anything like this. It’s straying too far into the realm of fantasy.

    Not as any sort of reward, but I would like to see more death animations. Disembowelment, chopped in half, sliced from shoulder to hip, chopping hands off with etc. More gore :)

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