Please make optional Nametags availbale :)

  • Hey Dev’s,

    first of all, this game is awesome…you did a great job in creating a game which feels soo different, compared to anything i have played before, except one thing.

    Im playing with lots of friends and id love to share many more ingame moments with them, but its so hard to find them, cause there is nothing (banner, nametags) which tells me where they are.

    The short distance mouse over effect is not enough. Even if you dont like it, please do it optional, its the last 5% whick would make the game just perfect.

    thanks for reading, best wishes for the future :)

  • Maybe I should have looked before I posted:


    Original message:

    I agree! I’ve been playing with my friend all night and only saw where he was like 5 times. I want to be able to easily support him.

  • I totally agree, there is no reason why they shouldnt.

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