• so yeh i had the most random idea last night- how about we all go to the taleworlds forums create a topic about AoC and how good it is compared to M&B, start a flamewar and talk about how if you play warband you will like this etc…

    …but then someone inputs this website’s adress and then everyone who reads the M&B topic might start being intrested in this!!!

    anyways that ^ might all count as advertising a non-related product and we all get banned from taleworlds but hell if it increases the overall playercount :mrgreen:

  • That will have no positive effect whatsoever. I mean, look at my posts. I never even intended to ‘convert’ people to Warband, and I did not state that Warband was objectively better than AoC, only that I personally preferred it, but still, people got irritated by them, and no one suddenly changed their opinion because of them (not that I expected any different). Your approach is infinitely more aggressive, and the only thing you’ll achieve is that you’ll piss people off and give them the impression that AoC has a shitty community.

    It’s not a bad idea though, to get some publicity on the TW forums. The target audiences of M&B and CMW aren’t entirely the same, but there’s certainly some overlap, and I’m sure CMW could be of interest to most of the multiplayer community. The problem is the approach you suggest. Storming onto another game’s forum only to say “DURRR DIS GAME IS BETTURRRRR” is a stupid idea. On the other hand side, what might work is to wait until there’s more gameplay footage or an open beta, then making a post along the lines of “Hey, there’s this new multiplayer medieval combat game in the making. It looks quite interesting, you might want to check it out.” Don’t try to convince them from the very start that it’s better, as that’ll make them determined to prove you wrong because you were acting like an idiot (even if they would have otherwised enjoyed the game), if they even bother to try it at all. Just inform them and let them form their own opinion. You won’t be able to convince them to like CMW better by arguing anyway, you have to let the game speak for itself.

  • ahh sorry I didn’t explain it well, Just woke up and was getting raped by hay-fever :L

    yeh that bit about starting a flame-war and bragging about how warbands system is inferior etc was just meant to be a joke and i should have probs but a semi-colon in before i started raging, just so you guys could understand. mah bad.

    but yeh the overall idea was that i couldn’'t find any topic on taleworlds relating to AoC, which i thought was strange as i know a good few people who play both with equal enthusiasm, and i would presume that there is a great many more people who would be the same once they started playing AoC, after-all I only discovered AoC by typing in age of (for age of empires) into the steam search bar and it came up as a free mod.

    sorry if my original statement was a load of drunken zjsfjdbhheabjgdfsyew (lol somehow i typed “head” into that), but it was merely a half-baked plan of action to try and get more players to play chiv, as by the looks of the techniques the devs have planned, grand-scale war will never look better :D

    on a related load of bs what about the suiside animation being upgradeable?:

    ""level 10- you unlocked self head splode option :D "

  • Developer

    "Just inform them and let them form their own opinion. "

    ^^, We would love for you guys to help spread the word about the game on any other forum community you think might be interested, but please keep that quote in mind. The best way you can help is just to say the things you like about it or whats got you excited about the game and avoid starting a blunt argument or “flamewar”. Be sure to abide by other communities posting rules but outside of that I’d love to see the community getting involved in this kind of way, especially closer to release.

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