First Person View enhancement

  • It seems that playing in first person leaves you at a disadvantage in group Melee as you have a smaller field of view than in real life… this is made worse by the fact that people can drop into 3rd person and greatly improve their peripheral vision giving the them a bigger advantage.

    What I would like to see is a subtle hint given to the player in first person view alerting them to the presence of enemies in their rear vicinity.

    I think a subtle darkening of the screen on either the left or the right side would be a good indicater that somone was bearing down on your flank giving you time to react to the new threat.

    Either that or make armoured footsteps for the relevant classes louder to give you a chance to react.

    not a game breaker for me by any means….

    Also want to let you know that I absolutley love this game and cant wait to see how it evolves in the coming months…

    great job guys!!

  • Absolutely not. As is, it’s realistic; not watching your back at a real fight can be fatal.

    Because of this, watch your back. Quite simple, really.

    It takes a wise and skilled player to always remember not to be completely immersed in the battle but instead checking your back once in a while. It’s a rewarding system to those who got stabbed in the back enough time to learn to look back.

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