KnightHood Are recruiting!

  • Hi, well if your here you may be interested in joining the KnightHood clan?

    Well, we’re a new clan based in the UK.

    So far we have 4 members, not much i know, but i started this morning :D

    We have a 10 slot FFA server, for the moment as that’s all i can really do at the minute, and well it will start us off for now. Obviously if we get more members that 10 slot will change to something bigger.

    We have a website and a steam group.

    Our steam group link is here –->>>

    Our website link is here –->>>

    Our 10 slot FFA server is –->>> ( under the server browser name as “Multiplay : KnightHood Clan server” Use the search function of Knight to find it easy :)

    We also have a mumble server for people across the clan or even community KnightHood players to come in and chat.

    As i said before i know 10 slots is not much and isn’t enough, but it’s just to start us off, and i can upgrade them whenever needed.

    We’ll be looking at doing community nights, which could envolve stuff like clan duels, or clan tournaments where i will award the winner.

    Also be looking at competitive play for chivalry, so the members that are up for it, can fight with there brothers and slay thy enemies, for the glory of KnightHood.

    What we are looking for. (This isn’t a recruitment form, that is on our website) -->>

    We are looking for…

    • Members who are willing to play on the server and respect other players and the admins.
    • Members who are willing to wear the [KH] on their steam friends name ( as chivalry don’t have any clan based stuff yet, e.g. like a clan tag to show your name )
    • Members who are atleast 15 or over.
    • Members who will look over the website to look for news on KnightHood and to keep up to date with the community. ( Like once or twice a day don’t hurt. Takes like 30 seconds of your time ).
    • members who have a mic, and will be willing to come on our mumble server for laugh, getting to know other clan members and well playing together as friends. This always makes the game more fun then sitting and not talking by yourself… Am i right? :D
    • Must be able to speak English quite fluently D:

    Think you got what it takes or are interested, please head over to “” and sign up and submit an application.

    Look forward to seeing you guys on the server.
    Any question either add me on steam @ er93wraith
    Or leave a comment below.
    Chou for now.

  • Good to see another EU clan!

  • We now have 6 active people in the KnightHood clan.As soon as we get 10, i’ll be looking at doing community events within the clan itself and maybe with prizes. Also soon as we get more members, there will be discussions on the whole CvC, Clan vs Clan side and maybe the idea of joining tournaments.

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