LTS draw condition needs rethinking

  • This isn’t cricket; forcing a draw by staying alive long enough for the timer to expire is a stupid mechanic that encourages cowardice & drawn out boring rounds.

    In the event of a time out, the victor needs to be determined by some other condition.
    My suggestions would be:

    • ratio of team damage delivered to team damage taken.
    • sum of team members’ healths.

    I think the former is a better choice because:

    • It is more in keeping with the ‘death & glory’ mentality of the game
    • It lessens the benefits of turtling to heal up
    • It favours the team that avoids damaging team mates.
    • It is not affected by numerically imbalanced teams.

  • Well in crpg mod for m&b there was a flag that spawned if the round was looking like a draw. Basicaly, applied here, it would turn LTS into a kind of King of the hill if/when the timer nears zero preventing a draw to happen

  • Whatever decides the winner. It cant be something that will give advantage to the side with more or less players left.

    Currently if you are the last person left vs several, you can still win by killing them because they come after you.

    If an introduced mechanic makes it so the side with more can win by avoiding enemies or camping, then it wouldn’t be as fair as it is now.

    So if the dev’s introduce a mechanic, I hope they keep that in mind. I’m sure they will do it well, as they have with things so far.

  • LTS just needs some kind of objective. There’s a reason every other one-respawn game type in other games has some kind of bomb to plant, etc. - otherwise both teams benefit most from just camping.

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