• Combat system kinda suck. no fealing at all in it speed up the attacks do block hold in till hit like the shild (add block ways) for example hold block and press WASD to chose way for block, Like it is now you can block 3 guys attacking you since it is so easy. remove jump since it is miss used in the game and have alote of bugs whit it no one can jump whit all that armor in real life. polearms and sutch weapons need more range but a close range no damge zone. 2 hand sword need longer cooldown on blocks. daggers need closer range and remove block from it when attacks are from 2 hand weapons.
    and plz class do the weapons better a knight have all right now,remove his 2 hands weapons.

    I can go on intill to morrow the idea is good but whit this low speed and miss use of vanguards the game suck. speed it up alote or at least to real time attacks. add some more skill behind it. and plz add a swing block if the place is to crowded. it is kinda gay that ppl can swing a 2 hand sword in a area 1 by 1 meter.

  • Is not pure realism is not pure arcade… this is the answer ! is a mixture between arcade and realism game so if u wanna more realism get a sword and go chop your enemyes and Justin Bieber for me.

  • Major l2p issues here, man. Please, I implore you, put a good 20-30 hours into the game and actively try to improve your play - recognize mistakes you make when you die and mistakes others make when you kill them - then see how you feel.

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