One Button Dodge.

  • As I’m putting myself through the grinder today learning to play the Man at Arms class, I’ve become exceedingly frustrated by the performance of the one-button dodge key.

    I’m not sure if this classifies as a bug, really, but when I’m sprinting forward, the dodge key just flat out doesn’t work 90% of the time. Sometimes it works if I swing at nothing to try and break the sprint, then re-start… and then it’ll let me dodge, but it hardly performs as it should.

    Is this working as intended? I somehow doubt that it is, as it wouldn’t work -some- of the time if that was true. I even remapped the one-button dodge to a mouse button to try and make the class play more fluidly for me, but it still seems a bit dodgy (pun intended) as far as performance goes.

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