Update Forum?

  • As a new player, I’m quite surprised that you still use phpBB2 for these forums. Not only it feels ancient and not pleasant to use, but it’s also lacking lots of features.

    Building up a healthy community should be your first priority, lots of “moderately known” games thrives because of it’s community. When I found your forums it felt like I was browsing the forums of those “abandonware” projects, with a 6 years old website design, it’s not engaging at all.

    I suggest either updating to phpBB3, or better yet spare the money and get a proper vBulletin board.

    Edit: So I discovered that this forum is actually phpBB3, yet it looks like those old phpBB2 boards, even some of them are better than this. Good work with theme, I guess.

  • Hey Rak, nice of you to notice this is coded in phpBB3. not even I saw that when I first came here.

    Building up a healthy community is certainly important, also when I first came here I was amazed at how active the Devs were on the forums. you almost NEVER get a direct answer from Devs…EVER but these guys are totally on the ball for encouraging healthy community growth. now as to why they use a seemingly outdated forum code(personally I dont mind it) I would not know what to tell you except they are extremely busy with keeping everything else inline.

    The Army trains to use whats available to them to complete whatever task is at hand, now we are no military but I believe this forum gets the job done.

    Any way thanks for posting, its good to have people around who are aware of their surroundings.

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