Two more teams.

  • 1.We currently have the Agathans, and the Masons and each represents their own philosophy though we have very little story behind it.

    2. I am hoping matches can go beyond two teams, even if not officially modders may need a way to distinguish between more than just two.

    3. It would be nice for models and assets for two new groups to be added even if they are for modders and the stock game doesn’t go beyond two teams.

    I present the idea of Mercenaries representing an independent force of chaos who join the fight seeing the Masons and Agathans are busy fighting each other, their aim is to take as much as they can from either side. With the mercenaries appearance come the Crusaders, their aim is to end the war by any means necessary and restore peace forcefully. They support neither side and have been long standing enemy of the mercenaries.

    Color schemes of them would be green for the crusaders and yellow for the mercenaries (it would be a dirty yellow so they wouldn’t stand out any more than the others.)

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