Clan Stuff

  • I think their should be an ability to have like a clan tag, so people can have it showing instead of in their steam name. This way you can show your allegiance to a clan and show that your fighting for them.

    Also stuff like clan capes might be a cool idea.

    Imagine how cool as a knight it would be to be running around with your mighty warhammer / 2h sword / b axe (you get the idea) and have your clan cape billowing behind you. It would look awesome.

    Also it bring out more variety in the game as every looks either one of 4 set models. So customisable capes within reason would look cool.

    Okay, some of you may say, Archer’s would look shit with a cape, well my friend, they could have something else on their attire with the clan logo / symbol like on their tunic or maybe their gloves or something. To show off their heritage with pride…

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

  • Capes can look very different from each others!

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