Not the first expression

  • Sorry if this has been said before, but I can’t resist my intention to express my attitude to the developers.

    this game arouses unmatched fillings when you play it the first time. then you start to notice more and more bugs and cons of the game.
    1. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned before - Server Browser. I’m not saying about words which don’t fit in the interface and their ending disappear when you press them. They also don’t behave as they should when you press them. If I press History or Favorites nothing happens, I need to click here and there to get them work.
    2. Gaming Environment. It’s lack of interactive things, obstacles or anything that you can use during the fight. The level design is doom like and very very poor. You can’t destroy environment or interact with it. You can’t make your battle funnier. All you have is blank field or plain hall. The gameplay is getting boring after a few hours.
    I would like to mention objective tasks. Push the trolley or burn the houses. These objectives are full of bugs. You can push trolley just by standing aside. It’s unreal engine 3 and 2012, couldn’t you implement some proper physic engine? It just looks ridiculous. I’m not even saying about ballistics of catapulta or ballista, just awful.
    3. Game mechanics. Melee battle system is pretty good, though could be better. Archers are the weakest class. It doesn’t have proper aiming system. Its arrows sometimes fly through the models. Players which play for archers never reach Top3 on the server. The game is very close to the real damage system, but how the guys can run and fight with an arrow in their heads?
    4. Sounds. Taunts and shouts are okay. But where did you record the tactical voice commands? In the toilet? Do you hear that small room reverb? Sounds pretty odd when you scream “Follow me” on the battlefield, but it sounds like you say it in the small room.
    Foley sounds are bad too, no wind, no fire, no battlefield atmosphere.
    Audio programming is another fail from developer’s side. Characters scream even after they died. Shouts sometimes stop for no reason in the middle of scream.
    5. Game Modes. If you play team deathmatch you can’t see the score (or you wasn’t able to find it). No duel mode or something more interesting.
    I will not mention Unreal Engine 3 which is the most greatest engine at the moment, but realization of its capabilities is awful. Textures and graphics are far from great. Models don’t even open their mouths.
    The game is still pretty fun to play, but every day the will, to play in it, decreases. Because of mentioned above things, especially the first one. I think it’s very important to release a quality product especially if this is the first game from studio.
    The price for this raw product is 10£. not 19£ which I paid.
    apologies for the mistakes

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