Dedicated Server still going over Maximum Players

  • Hi All,

    We are still getting issues of joining players going over server maximums, please see attached pdf for proof


  • No reply, and the server is getting constantly crashed through players overloading the slots. 37/32 was just on and crashed the server !! When is ANY mod or admin going to reply to this problem, the silence is deafening.

    Bumped ….


  • Nice to see you here too Rafas :) We have the same problem!

  • Lol, Hi Raizio bud, :)

    Really annoying bug thats getting to me lol, it helps if you set the TCA slots to a much higher level and then the game slots to what you want. This cuts down on server game resrarts but still does it when they hit that maximum.

    Needs fixing badly


  • Any Sign of any information here ?? This problem is still ongoing ?? I just restarted the server again 37/32 ??

    Is it a Steam Issue ?? or a Game Issue ??

    ANY information is a help ?? and I am now finding it bad manners, that no one has replied considering 1. I have bought the Game and 2. I have put up a Dedicated Server for your game !! the least you can do is reply to a support thread !!


  • I am also having this issue.
    Did the command line variable change from steamsockets?MaxPlayers=16?

  • okay got this very same problem… posted it on wrong thread propably:

    could be nice to have some information on this one, aye? :)

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