Brand new player checking in

  • Good day Lords and Ladies,

    Brand new to the game and let me just say my experience so far has been:

    Love… this… game. That being said, I thrive on comradery and I need some light hearted, fun seeking, man children to play with. I am not so much interested in the high school age crowd though I tip my hat to you. It’s just I have all that real world bullshit, i mean blessings, like wife, kid’s, job, sleep to semi ignore. If anyone has a regular playing group that could use one more Id be happy to join you. Id prefer voice com, just makes things SOOOO much easier.

    Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong location as I wasnt really looking so much for a Guild as I was looking for similar type players.


  • I’d recommend playing on the Vanquish server (aka Saturday Knight Fever) for a good time. The community as a whole is generally pretty good though, it’s hard to go wrong.

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