64 player servers, lolwut!

  • Just got on a 64 player server for the first time. It was kinda fun, though a little laggy.

    It was on dark forest, at the second cart pushing point. There were 3 lines of players on the map.

    Right in the middle, splitting the map in half was the line of all of the melee fighters in the game, maybe 30-40 in total. It was wavy and moving back and forth, like water at a shore. Limbs and heads were flying everywhere, there was constant screaming and moaning and gurgling. It was awesome!

    Then behind the main line were two lines of all of the archers, about 10-15 archers per each side. Those guys were just sitting there and doing their pew-pew-pew. Of course, no one was aiming at anything, so no one was hitting anything either. Melee fighters couldn’t really get to the enemy archers cause there were so many people to go through in just the melee line.

    The little platform in the middle was one of the contention points, and it would have either Agatha or Mason players en mass. There was so much going on around, I was able to sneak up that platform several times and clear it out with the Messer and a few other teammates. Then they’d do the same back to us.

    If not for the lag (network lag, as most people were around 100+ ms), this would be very much fun. Maybe this could be remedied with beefier server setups and some server setup tweaking.

    Anyway, I with Torn Banner would release a few maps designed for this type of gameplay and tweak the game so it’s a better experience.
    After they fix all the bugs and add new content, of course.

  • Yeah, just a note. We recommend 32 for optimal experience. But if you have a kick ass rig and amazing server, nothing is stopping you from going nuts ;)

  • Game engine + Torn banner studios = Resource hog LOL

  • @Sultanofswing:

    Game engine + Torn banner studios = Resource hog LOL

    This is not a thread about lag on 64 player servers, it’s about how much fun one could have with those.

  • I dont even want to play dark forest with more than 8v8.

  • If you know any server operators running 64 player servers, suggest to them to lower the game speed to 90%. It doesn’t make a huge impact on the game, but it reduces the network load substantially. Pings decrease a lot at 90% compared to 100%.

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