Some thoughts.

  • 1:You can’t attack straight down with over head with most weapons, its more of an angle which is fine but sometimes you need to attack straight down to not hit allies but you can’t.

    2: when you do attack single overhead or swipes, you have to always attack the one way first then the other way during the combo. You should be able to choose which way you want to attack. (If a wall is on your right then you swipe it will hit the wall and you can’t swipe from the left)

    3:To many people side slash. It’s fast, pretty powerful, and covers the most area in front of you. Most of all, Blocking side slashes isn’t that easy when they can get right in your face and do side swiping combos and you have to block left then right then left. That’s probably the hardest combo to block when you have to aim for the tip of their weapon and it is off screen because they are so close to you. It also don’t take much stamina to spam.
    They can go through multiple people and hit\kill them.

    I’m not saying how to change these things cause I’m not for sure how I would yet. Just ideas of what could be changed.

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