Weapon reset

  • I was playing Chivalry and managed to unlock all last five weapons of the Knight today.

    After doing something else then playing Chivalry for a few hours I decided to return to Chivalry to find out those weapons that I had unlocked have all reset!

    Strangely enough not everything has reset ( I still have all my vanguard unlocks) and my knight has only been resetted to a certain time (the weapons I unlocked still have a number of kills)

    So is the weapon reset bug not fixed? or did something happen I wasn’t aware of? or is this a new bug?

    And can these weapons be re-unlocked for me some way?

    Thanks in advance for all the help

  • wouldnt call this a new bug as i have been set back several times in my unlock progress

  • I unlocked the bludgeon for archer and everything reset!! How do I fix this? thats all my progress gone!

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