The way i think it should go

  • this takes away class which isnt somthing that seems like a good idead but make custom classes and dependiong on what your wearing and using affects you if you have a double axe full plate and a full face plate helm and the total equimpment wieght is 110 you’ll move slower than some one with chainmail full face plate helm and double axe havnt thought too much in to it and im afraid that this will make it too much like cod but the weapons dont have to be unlocked they could be unlocked from the start ive had a few ideas but posted inside different post that were some one elses posts and i might put those in later but this is my main idea.

  • This is unlikely for a couple of reasons:

    • Our class/weapon setup has been planned for around 14 months now and changing the fundamentals of how it works is not something we’re looking at doing, not to mention the amount of time it will take to create a whole new system and the time wasted in doing the current one.

    • There are so many different variations in your system and we don’t have the manpower to put X armour with Y helmet and Z other kind of armour.

  • Classic Blaine. Tells it like it is. No sugarcoating. What a man.

  • @SlyGoat:

    I wuv Blaine

    Ah, now I see how you became an Alpha tester. :-P

  • @dragonfury:


    I wuv Blaine

    Ah, now I see how you became an Alpha tester. :-P

    Actually I became an alpha tester by slaying a previous alpha tester and devouring his heart to gain his courage/alpha tester status.

  • I recently tried to devour Blaine´s heart to gain his Lead QA, Technical Design & Community Manager status and immortality, but he is heartless. Absolutely.

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