Kill Ratio - Damage Ratio

  • I feel changing weapon progression to damage percentages to get a new weapon is a better idea then the current kill ratio. This is simply because a lot of classes like MAA and Archer excel are doing damage to enemies to weaken them for other players, rather then scoring actual kills. It also stops the infinite number of frustrated players who lose their kills to some dude interrupting a fight.

    Furthermore, with this in mind, scoring should also be based on damage ratios to. Technically the slower your weapon, the easier it is to dodge, and the higher the damage output is when you hit. So it should require a lot of skill to actually hit someone with a slower weapon (admittingly this fails against newer players who group together and become a lovely mass kill target). But a player that consistently does a lot of damage over a long period of time, weakening enemies for allies, is a lot more useful then a player that gets one kill and dies. Yet the scoreboard doesn’t show this.

    Most modern games now work on a damage percentage rather a kill ratio when scoring, particularly ones focused on melee combat.

  • since they had already established a working system( yeah you’ll get your kills stolen but such is the way of games, especially in MOBA’s) I doubt they will go and change it.

    However, if it survives the test of time and enough people want to see this implemented then maybe the Devs will do just that!

  • Fantastic idea. I too get my kills stolen more often than not by new players just spamming LMB with a hammer or mace. It’s frustrating knowing you are far more skilled than them, but they are ahead of you score wise. It’s of course not the main reason I play, but it’s still annoying.

  • It sounds like you would all benefit from some more organized matches - clan games if you’re hard core or just servers with a 10 to 16 player limit that have an objective.

    It results in more organized play and the game becomes much less about the kill count (which as you both pointed out, means diddly in a FFA match!)

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