The Pillagers. ( challenge seeking team)

  • [subscript:2g4qymwr]Doubtingly and with a touch of foreboding, you gaze at the infamous robber den “Boozy Mishka’s” - on the exterior an orderly and stout tavern that would have left a fine impression if not for the terrifying stuffed bear of monstrous size with an imbecile and stewed face and a keg marked “XXX” under its arm, which welcomes clients at the entrance. Heaving a deep sigh and remembering that you left your will for posterity in a conspicuous place, you plunge into the dark deeps of the dubious place…

    Making a turn to a corridor, you find yourself in pitch darkness. The lights went out, the door disappeared somewhere behind a corner. You can feel an ominous premonition rise in your gut. Suddenly, you see the Light at the end of the corridor. In the hope for the best you continue forward and stumble upon THIS:

    Dear Guests of Our Tavern, the main principles of our Splendid and Good faction, naturally clear for each and everyone, are henceforth stated. If you wish to know more, please read THIS (True and Highly Indubitable Standards) and then proceed to the drinking room, squeeze any swollen drunkard at hand and give him a good old interrogation under torture (alternatively, he will blab everything out for a drink, the stinker).
    All the best,Yours truly Hateful Bastards.[/subscript:2g4qymwr]

    The Pillagers

    The Pillagers

    The Pillagers - THIS:

    is the Russian-speaking faction in the C-RPG&Strategus module, that became form WARBAND Clan in M&B, and it was created by the not unknown Sir_Bertran on the principles of voluntary joining under the command of the ringleader and the elective consuls that are invested with the trust of the others.

    Aims of the faction:

    Playing co-operatively in friendly atmosphere where everybody is comfortable with each other (apart from 2 exceptions that prove the rule) in the from of the gang of merry brigands.

    Faction goals:

    In Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, we are intrested in 5-15 tournaments(TO and LTS), and gladly would face any opponent.


    DarkFox preferable(chivalry operations officer) skype: darkfox1111 steam: razak0
    Sir_Bertran(chief) skype: xobot_i. steam: age_of_chivalier.

    Ingame peculiarity:
    Battle cry spaming.

    Few pics: … 1024/2.jpg … 0%25B0.jpg … 0%25B5.jpg

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