UDK.exe still crashing my game…...

  • I’ve looked through all the forum posts on how to try and fix this and I’ve tried everything I could within my limited knowledge of computer files and what not. I keep seeing devs ask for PC specs and info and I have no idea what they’re asking for, much less how to retrieve and post it for them

    I really want to enjoy this game. I really do. But only being able to play 5-15 minutes at a time (if I’m lucky AND this is just with bots) is extremely frustrating and I am rapidly losing interest in this game

    I’ve tried:
    1. Verifying cache files multiple times, no corrupted files
    2. Uninstalling and reinstalling several times
    3. Deleting the CMW file under My Documents
    4. Running CMW while Steam is closed
    5. Renaming a certain graphics file so the game will create a new, non corrupted one supposedly

    Nothing so far has worked and I can’t find a solid answer on how to fix this issue on the forums.

    Is this a widespread thing that will eventually get patched? Or is this an individual issue that needs to be fixed a certain way per person? Any info on this seriously aggravating problem will be much appreciated

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  • Developer

    Unfortunately bots are causing a semi-infrequent crash currently. It’s known, and will be fixed in the next patch. Is the game crashing in multiplayer, or only against bots?

  • so far it just seems to crash with bots

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