Accurate weapon stats

  • I would really like to get number values for weapon’s stats. The little bars LOOK like they should help but in the end they mean very little. What are they compared to? The javelin does so much more damage than a bow but the bow’s damage bar is bigger than the javelins. I just feel like a straight number would be great. Damage could be the damage done to a character with 0 armor (just something to compare with. Not necessarily damage done to any particular class), range could be done in some length of weapon that is used in attacks (like how many inches/cm/feet/ or w/e is the length after your hands on the weapon), and speed could be based on some multiplier (just find a base, which could be the fastest, slowest, or most medium attack speed weapon and set it to x1.0 atk speed. Something like slashes/second might also work)

  • just look it up here ;) … TZnc#gid=1
    made by martin

  • Agreed, there should be real numbers on the weapon stats in-game, at least when you check detailed info. No reason to give players such a vague impression of how each weapon performs if they want to know.

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