This game needs a duel mode somehow.

  • Yesterday I realized that this game should have a Duel mode, where you can challenge people and fight on 1 vs 1 matches. I don’t know exactly how the point system should work.
    Maybe, one option would be to be 2 teams fighting one against the other, but with turns of 1 on 1 matches, when one of them wins it continues fighting against the next from the other team.
    Also, the option for customizing a game, where you can limit the weapons you want to be available on that game, so that you can, for example, use swords, or punches, or axes etc.
    I would be very happy if you tell me they have a duel mode planned.

  • One is in the works I believe.

  • At the moment there are duel servers which encourage players to duel based on the taunting system. Taunt to challenge, taunt to accept. It’s not exactly a ‘duel mode’ but it certainly allows for

    1. Awesome, uninterrupted duels.
    2. Freedom to choose when and where to duel a player (or specify weapon types, based on player agreement).
    3. The punishment system for breaking the ‘duel rules’ is quite effective… everyone either votes out the player who won’t be fair or ruins other peoples duels… or simply gang bashes them to death until they leave.

    I like your idea! But I thought… perhaps what you want is already available, thus the making of an actual proper ‘duel’ game mode might not be necessary?

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if server cfg files would (if not now, at a later date) allow for the server to specify certain weapons or even somehow freeze players, based on a script, until it’s their turn to duel (allowing one to make a tournament like server but in FFA type).


  • You got me.
    There may be servers doing this, but what I mean is a mode that makes it without making server ops to script or to specify in the .cfg file the things, something easy to do and just ingame to allow people to create these servers, and an automated system to unable players from doing damage to other players until they challenge other players, this also automated by the mode, that’s what i mean, making things officialy automated and easier to set up.
    Another thing is we should be able to specify “max-players” when ingame creating a game.

  • Use search.

    Find 10000 threads about this which all confirm duel mode is coming.

  • Just to add my magical green words of confirmation before locking this: Duel mode is coming. Find one of the other threads on it if you want to discuss details.

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