Do you heal more when you stand still or walking?

  • Do you heal more when you stand still or walking? Or the same?

  • I’ve seen the regen system work in mysterious ways:

    Jumping stops regen
    Blocking stops regen
    Walking or running will delay regen until you stop, sometimes
    Regen doesn’t start until you crouch, sometimes
    Regen starts after a few seconds of doing anything but blocking, jumping or drawing a bow
    Regen will start/continue after being hit by an enemy for the first time

    To be honest I’m not sure how it all works, but the rate at which it regens seems to be consistent

  • This is how regeneration is supposed to work - after X seconds of not taking damage or performing any combat action, your health starts to regenerate until you take damage or perform a combat action. Sprinting will delay it until you stop sprinting, but won’t reset the timer. Standing still, walking or crouching does not effect the rate you regenerate.

    There are currently some known bugs with regeneration though.

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