[BUGS] I found some bugs, please check this out.

  • Hi. I want to post a few bugs i found until now.

    -1st- In training mode, in the Spanish version of the game, when the story introduction, the first sentence that appears it’s in spanish, but the second sentence that appears, it’s in english, llike there was some kind of bug in localisation files or like the game wasn’t fully translated.
    -2nd- In training mode also, sometimes when hitting the training partner, the hit does not make any sound, but in fact you know you hit him because he says “well done” or “hit me one more time” or something like that.
    -3rd- In the game creation screen, when you choose Dark Forest map and ( i might not translate it correcty since i play the gae in spanish) “all vs all” match, you click the “create the game” button, and nothing happens. If you maintain the key pressed, the text inside changes to “Text Field”.
    here goes the image

    Im sure there are more bugs like this. This might happen when selecting other maps too, or other game modes.

  • I want to add one more issue. I was playing against bots and suddenly when i killed a bot the game freezed and a screen appeard saying “program stopped working”

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