Javelin issue

  • Hello does anyone have an issue with the javelin where while holding left click mouse sensitivity goes down a lot?

  • I’m pretty sure it’s a feature and not a bug. It prevents you from turning 180 degrees and throwing a javelin in someones face.

  • I’m pretty sure he actually means when it almost locks and you cant even look left or right 1 cm right?

    I’ve had that bug two times already.

  • Happens all the time for me. Seems to be related to when you ready a Javelin for throwing when moving.
    Essentially it makes your throwing capability useless against everything but oblivious archers.

  • Yea I got this too… SO annoying.

  • I’m actually not sure whether this is intended or an overlook. With melee weapons you can freely look around during an attack’s windup, but the actual attack puts some smoothing on your mouse.

    With the javelin it’s either intended, or it somehow counts being ready to throw as a melee attack sequence.

  • I play skirmisher (Age of Empires term for javelin thrower, I think it’s appropriate) most of the time, and I haven’t had this problem. The sensitivity does slow down, but not as much as you say. MinorityMats has it spot on.

  • Sorry I wasn’t very clear in my post. What I wanted to say was that the sensitivity goes down by A LOT. Not little as mentioned above. As in, I cannot even turn my camera, it just barely moves a centimetre even though I’m vigorously trying to move my mouse.

  • I get it too rarely and it continues until my next javelin is loaded.

  • Well you can always press Q to lower an aimed javelin, use that and re aim, let us know if it works.

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