Rogue Class

  • The onle class this game is missing is a class based around stealth and close range assassination.
    In other words, Ninjas.

  • How does such a class fit in a battlefield environment?

  • Like a guerrilla. Uses said environment to take out unaware enemies, agile, and powerful in 1v1 combat.
    He would need some sort of special ability to get behind enemy lines. Hmm…Cloaking is out of the question…

  • Battlefield environment =/= guerilla warfare ;). Really, there’s no way you can stuff a rogue class in a game setting like this without it being slightly ridiculous, to be honest. It’s not like stealthy assassins fought in proper battles (and no, Rome: Total War is not a historical source).

    I also think that the effect on gameplay will be almost exclusively negative. The players playing this class would be playing an entirely different game than those playing a melee class, since stealth has very little to do with melee combat. Since it has nothing to do with the core gameplay (= melee combat), it has to somehow improve the core gameplay for the players playing the core classes, or at least not harm that aspect, to have the right to exist. And, in my opinion, it would severely distract from the core combat. Having stealth class opponents running around the battlefield can only be an irritation to the players playing standard classes, since most people of the target audience of this game (medieval combat enthusiasts) would find dying by an enemy they’re unaware of not enjoyable, to say the least. These players want combat, and if they die, they want that to be solely due to the fact that they have been bested in a fair fight (to be honest, I’m mostly talking about myself here, but I believe more people than just me find exactly that attractive in games like this).

    I think the archer class has problems in this department as well, the main difference being that the archer does actually fit the setting (the archer fits the setting so well that it’s widely considered essential to any medieval combat game, it seems). It should also be noted that archers increase the tactical depth of the game somewhat, which would not be the case with an assassin class since they would be very much a situational class, mostly capable of unforseeable (is that a word?) attacks of opportunity.

    Also, there would be no reason whatsoever why a light, agile class would be powerful in 1vs1 combat. I’m quite reluctant to do my medieval-armour-isn’t-as-encumbering-as-most-people-think-rant again, but I will if necessary. There is no way that a man in light/no armour with light weaponry can win from a man in heavy armour with proper weaponry designed for combat, assuming the men are of equal skill.

  • All of my predictions have failed :(

    I thought this thread would show up months earlier.

    About ninjas, they dont fit in the game IMO. We have light infantry, we have skirmishers, classes that fill a very similar role on a battlefield (high movility, hit and run tactics, great for flanking, sneaking the enemy base and backstabbing, while they have a hard time against heavier classes), and unlike ninjas, this classes actually existed, and not only in one country, but in every army in the history of mankind.

    One thing Chivalry devs must really be careful with when making the game is immersion. Chivalry´s aim should be immersing the player in a medieval battlefield, full of brutal melee combat, with people clad in armor exchanging blows with the nastiests weapons of the era. We are in not only for the gameplay, but for that stuff too. To see a knight crush another knight´s skull with his flail, to see two soldiers fighting and parrying until exaustion makes one of them make a fatal mistake, and why not, to see a skirmisher put a javelin through an opponent´s eye. All of that requires skill and invlolves combat. I wont repeat the narrator´s post here, but backstabbing doesnt involve combat at all, and it isnt very fun to die to either.

  • Yeah and when the hell are they going to add druids and mages?

  • I have 3 new class ideas that would be great for the game:

    1. Ninja - He’s a ninja. He has a katana that kills in one hit, but he also has 1 HP, so you have to be stealthy like a ninja. He can double jump and wall jump and is 200% faster than man-at-arms. Also has smoke grenades and a grappling hook (grappling hook also 1-hit kills if you headshot and has unlimited ammo).

    2. Wizard - Shoots fireballs that do splash damage and set people on fire, lightning bolts that can hit instantly from very long range, and can also teleport anywhere on the map. But to balance it, he’s slow and has low HP cuz he doesn’t wear armor and is an old man with a beard.

    3. Priest - Heals. Not much else to say.

    Also I think we should add a level up system to the game where you get more powerful over time, and add some NPC enemies to maps, and some quests.

  • Yeah and get a game store where you can buy Epic-grade equipment for real life money. I personally would afford as much as $20 extra to get 50% more hp than the next guy!

  • @SlyGoat:

    3. Priest - Heals. Not much else to say.

    He should Wololo too, to convert enemy soldiers to his team. Then the priest has a huge role, to ensure the team is unbalanced in their favour.

  • Don’t forget to add dragons!!!

  • @Blaine:


    3. Priest - Heals. Not much else to say.

    He should Wololo too, to convert enemy soldiers to his team. Then the priest has a huge role, to ensure the team is unbalanced in their favour. … -money.jpg

  • Dayum! I KNEW I’d heard that sound somewhere before! AoE :D

  • Figured a class like that probably wouldnt be able to fit in. And making it fit could be awkward.
    I keep fogetting this is not a TF2 universe

  • @dragonfury:

    Dayum! I KNEW I’d heard that sound somewhere before! AoE :D

    now all we need is a champion persian war elephant class to stack with and were set! :D

  • What about samuraiz? :P they need gigant bag on their back like in shogun 2 also, and they have likeeee 300 health and 120 armor!!!

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